Introducing… the Jennifer Tate Copywriting blog

A little announcement. Jennifer Tate Copywriting turned three last week. That’s right. Three! Yes, I know it’s not actually a living, breathing thing, and I’m not exactly on the front line, but this little business ticks me over and I’m quite proud of it.

Anyway, with this minor milestone reached, I thought it was high time that I launched a blog on this website. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time, but client work (and life in general) has always got in the way. I also feel a bit silly, to be honest. But who cares. These last few months have reminded me that life’s short and some things don’t really matter so you might as well do what you enjoy, right? Anyway, since I enjoy writing and have a website already, I thought why the hell not.

So here goes. This is it. Content will be a little mix of business and personal (but not too personal) posts on everything from working and reading to life lessons and general musings.

I’ll plan to make these posts weekly but erm… let’s see how it goes. Thank you for reading.